jueves, 19 de septiembre de 2019

Radardroid Pro v3.69 Paid UP

Camera ZOOM FX Premium v6.3.4 Paid UP

Endomondo - Running & Walking Premium v19.3.5 Paid UP

Titanium Backup Pro v8.3.3 Paid UP

v8.3.3 http://uploaded.net/file/hq9q7nr0
v8.3.2 http://uploaded.net/file/vm9wn0s8
v8.3.1.4 http://uploaded.net/file/cw0qevif
v8.3.1.3 http://uploaded.net/file/hqiskdp7
v8.3.1.2 http://uploaded.net/file/f2pkfxqw
v8.1.0 http://uploaded.net/file/qhew7wp1

Crashfix http://uploaded.net/file/t4w3uqm5
1. Install TB.
2. Run TB Crash Fixer And Grant Root
3. Done, Launch TB No Crashes,Uninstall TB Fixer And Now even if you update it wont crash!