miércoles, 15 de mayo de 2019

Frequency Sound Generator Pro v2.1.3 Paid UP

YouTube Music v3.15.52 Mod UP


v3.15.52 http://uploaded.net/file/oajvpwk8
v3.03.55 http://uploaded.net/file/vs6qwjdl

Mod info:
- Funciona en dispositivos sin root.
- Desbloquea la posibilidad de reproducir música de fondo.
- Clonado, no sustituye al original

¡¡IMPORTANTE!! Para ingresar a la cuenta necesitas Micro G Vanced (incluido)


Purchased Apps Pro v2.3.0b Paid UP

Yandex Music — listen and download v2019.04.2 Mod UP

v2019.04.2 http://uploaded.net/file/4n9k9xqq

Mod info: Languages: be, en, ru, uk Platforms: arm7, x86 Plus subscription unlocked. Optimized the entire graphics, cut the starting promo video PLUS unlocked: high quality, no ads, offline Added the ability to rewind the track in the radio The ability to rewind the track has been restored. Modification is untied from Google Services Implemented root bypass check through Yandex Metric Optimized manifest to improve performance and reduce energy consumption Blocked collecting and sending analytics, thoroughly Signature changed.

Speed Cameras & HUD, Radar Detector - ContraCam Premium v1.0.81 Paid UP

Video Player HD All formats & codecs - KM Player Pro v19.05.15 Paid UP

WIFI PASSWORD WPA3 Premium v3.5.5 Paid UP

King Calculator Premium v2.2.2 Paid UP

Storage Space Premium v22.0.3 Paid UP