miércoles, 20 de junio de 2018

Adobe Photoshop Express: Easy & Quick Photo Editor Premium v4.4.491 Paid UP

AndroMoney Pro v3.7.3 Paid UP

Resultado de imagen de AndroMoney Pro

Friendly for Facebook Premium v2.0.34 Paid UP

Weather 2 weeks Pro v5.9 Paid UP

Captura de pantallaCaptura de pantallaCaptura de pantalla

v5.9: http://uploaded.net/file/t2yhvwq7

Glitch Video Effects - Glitchee Premium v1.5.1 Paid UP

Resultado de imagen de Glitch Video Effects - Glitchee

v1.5.1: http://uploaded.net/file/iyuijmn2

PixelPhone Pro v4.3.0 Paid UP

Resultado de imagen de PixelPhone Pro

v4.3.0: http://uploaded.net/file/n3enagmd

DeezLoader For Android v1.1.6 Mod UP

Resultado de imagen de DeezLoader

v1.1.6: http://uploaded.net/file/di2kgu05

Swift Backup Premium v2.0.5 Paid UP

v2.0.5: http://uploaded.net/file/nkxs6bhs
v2.0.4: http://uploaded.net/file/kjp69nju
v2.0.2: http://uploaded.net/file/91ica0lc

Chronus Home & Lock Widget Pro v10.9 Final Paid UP

Resultado de imagen de Chronus Home & Lock Widget

Weather & Radar Pro v4.31.1 Paid UP

Smart AudioBook Player Pro v3.8.9 Paid UP

Shortcutter Quick Settings​ & Sidebar Premium v6.0.1 Paid UP

Seven - 7 Minute Workout Training Challenge Pro v7.2.1 Paid UP

Chrooma Keyboard PRO vhydrogen-1.8.2 Paid UP

Sleep as Android Premium v20180620 Paid UP

TickTick: To Do List with Reminder, Day Planner Pro v4.4.5.1 Paid UP

Truecaller: Caller ID SMS spam blocking & Dialer Premium v9.5.6 Paid UP

martes, 19 de junio de 2018

jetAudio HD Music Player Plus v9.3.3 Paid UP

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC Premium v3.5 Paid UP

v3.5: http://uploaded.net/file/wzn3lkok
v3.4: http://uploaded.net/file/god53irf
v3.3: http://uploaded.net/file/bxjbig8c

System Monitor - Cpu, Ram Booster, Battery Saver Pro v6.3.6 Paid UP

Transparent clock weather Pro v1.39.22 Paid UP

WiFi Manager Premium v4.2.7-220 Paid UP

Show Box v5.06 Mod UP

v5.06: http://uploaded.net/file/bclo4mni
v5.05: http://uploaded.net/file/ydi14k01
v4.96: http://uploaded.net/file/2ar6xzza

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VSCO Cam Pro v65 Paid UP

Duolingo: Learn Languages Premium v3.87.1 Paid UP

Simple Social Pro v7.1.6 Paid UP

 Simple Social Pro: miniatura de captura de pantalla   Simple Social Pro: miniatura de captura de pantalla   Simple Social Pro: miniatura de captura de pantalla

v7.1.6: http://uploaded.net/file/ddlvq6ov
v7.0.1: http://uploaded.net/file/w13bbek9
v6.6.9: http://uploaded.net/file/qln9a2m6
v6.1.7s: http://uploaded.net/file/7xny042n

Swipe for Facebook Pro v7.2.17 (Reparado) Paid UP

Photo Lab PRO Picture Editor: effects, blur & art v3.1.1 Paid UP

Ampere Pro v3.07 Final Paid UP

Kernel Manager for Franco Kernel v3.0.6 Paid UP

franco.Kernel updater